Leadership development

I can help individuals and organizations enhance leadership skills and competencies, enabling them to become more effective. By providing necessary knowledge and tools, I help leaders to inspire and motivate their teams, make informed decisions, and effectively manage conflicts. This improves employee morale and engagement. When employees feel supported in their professional growth and development, they are more likely to be committed to their work and contribute to the overall success of the organization. Additionally, I can help with identifying and nurturing future leaders, ensuring a pipeline of talent for future leadership positions. Leadership development plays a crucial role in driving organizational success.

Clients I have worked with: Whatagraph, Audimas Supply, CGI, Danske, Telia TGSL, Telia Lietuva, Smartlynx

Organization culture

I can help organizations develop cultural identity. The development of organizational culture brings numerous benefits to a company. A strong and positive culture fosters employee engagement and satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and performance. When employees feel a sense of belonging and shared values within the organization, they are more likely to be motivated and committed to their work. This, in turn, helps to attract and retain top talent, as individuals are drawn to companies with a supportive and inclusive culture. Moreover, a strong organizational culture promotes effective communication and collaboration among team members, leading to better problem-solving and decision-making. It also enhances employee morale and reduces turnover rates, creating a stable and cohesive work environment.

Clients I have worked with: Ecocost, Meso Global, Smartlynx

HR & Organization Development

From my background I bring a lot of HR experience and I am more than happy to share it! HR and organization development benefits play a crucial role in the success and growth of any company. These benefits encompass various aspects such as employee engagement, talent acquisition and retention, training and development, and performance management. It allows businesses create a positive work environment, enhance productivity, and foster employee satisfaction. Effective HR practices ensure that employees feel valued, supported, and motivated to contribute their best efforts. This leads to higher employee morale, lower turnover rates, and improved overall organizational performance. Additionally, organization development initiatives help businesses adapt to changing market dynamics, optimize operational efficiency, and promote innovation. This allows companies to build a strong and resilient workforce, ultimately driving their long-term success.

Talent attraction and Management

Having worked in recruitment I am happy to help companies with executive hiring needs. The ability to attract top-level professionals with exceptional skills and expertise is essential in order to drive growth and innovation. By effectively managing executive talent, companies can ensure that they have the right leaders in place to steer the organization towards its goals. Helping organizations identifying high-potential individuals within the organization and developing their skills and capabilities prepares them for future leadership roles. Strategic approach to executive talent attraction and management is vital for organizations to stay competitive and thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.

Recommendations and feedback

Ugnė Tamulynė, Head of HR @Whatagraph

Juste has created and delivered a six-month leadership development program for our middle-level managers. She closely collaborated with HR team and participants and tailor-made each module based on the received feedback that created a personalized learning experience. Juste understands that there is no magic pill for leadership development but a journey that requires hard work, a growth mindset and discipline. Her approach to leadership development is grounded in practical experience, effective tools and a deep understanding of what it takes to be an effective leader. If you are looking for a leadership development program that will take you on a journey of self-discovery and growth, then I strongly recommend Juste.

Maija Kavace, Talent Development Manager @SmartLynx Airlines Ltd

Juste is an inspiring HR enthusiast who created SmartLynx Airlines Talent Academy for young and potential leaders and Training Club for Senior Leaders and Board Members. She dived deeply and adapted to the company's culture, mindset & values to identify learning areas and we consider her as our own employee. Her training sessions are deep, exciting & fun, giving our people much practical knowledge. I am very happy that I have met Juste personally as she is great not only from the work perspective, but emotionally intelligent, mature, supportive, and super friendly person!

Simona Narutavičienė, Learning & Talent Management | Leadership Development | Performance Management @Telia Lietuva

Juste designed internal training program for our team leaders, complementing theory with practical tools to enhance participants’ learning experience. Our program participants gave highest evaluation scores for training content quality, delivery skills and topic relevance for their daily work.

Juste‘s greatest assets – broad experience in business and knowledge of people management. Therefore, as an external consultant, she is able to deep dive into each leadership topic and answer questions from the audience based on her professional, practical experience. Thank you, Juste! It is great to collaborate with you.

Asta MeskereviciuteAsta Meskereviciute, Co-Founder @INVENTI

Justė is very experienced HR professional with the deep knowledge in every step of HR life cycle.
She digs deep in the business, which allows her to see the full picture and give accurate recommendations according to the business strategy of the company.
She is a very pleasant and easy to work with personality with always positive attitude.
I not only recommend Justė to anyone who seeks a better functioning HR but as well I am looking forward to continue working with her in the future.

Tomas Dabašinskas, Director of Strategic Vendor Sales @Squalio

Justė Vižinytė is an excellent leadership trainer and HR freelancer. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in both areas, and is able to effectively communicate her insights to her clients. She is also very personable and easy to work with, making her an excellent choice for any company or organization looking to improve their leadership and HR capabilities. I highly recommend Justė Vižinytė to any company or organization seeking to improve their leadership and HR functions.