About Justė Vižinytė

I'm an HR Professional that thrives on helping others. Besides, I am a Leadership training facilitator and consultant.
What I love the most in my line of work is helping leaders, individuals and teams, providing them with tools to succeed. I am a strong believer that success of any company depends on people and teamwork - and I enjoy being part of different success stories!

I have been in the HR field for over 15 years and had experience in working with both multinational and local companies - and the lessons I have learnt from each are the greatest treasure for me; whether positive or not, experience keeps me going forward and constantly growing as a professional. I quite like challenges, too - I believe there are many good ways to solve challenges organizations are facing, and I like looking for solutions that fit together with my clients.

One more thing you should know about me: if I do something, I do it with the whole heart and mind; I dive all-in - and I also strive to make it an enjoyable experience for both me and those I am working together with. After all, it is not only important to have a job done - and done well - but to enjoy the process, too!

My areas of focus:

Developing leaders who inspire and empower their teams to achieve greatness.

HR processes and optimisation

Leadership development

Culture and Organisation development

Implementing HR strategies that drive organizational success and maximize employee performance.

Transforming organizational culture to foster collaboration, innovation, and employee engagement.